Body art produced by Ladot Cosmetics.

skin-polish artist Sabine Vogel


If you are looking for a long-lasting tattoo products. Our alcohol paint is extremely durable and can last up to 4 days. Our liquid is waterproof, easy to use and easy to mix and blend. Our paints are based on rosin gum, so safe to use. If you are allergic to plasters or cosmetics, first test our product on a small area of skin.


Ladot cosmetics is a family owned company since 2002. The goal of LaDot cosmetics is to design a beautiful temporary tattoo product for the outer beauty.


LaDot Cosmetics researches, develops, manufactures and packages its own bodyart products Using state-of-the-art technology and the finest ingredients available, LaDot takes pride in its pioneering use of advanced formulations.

About the product

  • High pigment density, alcohol based, long lasting 50 - 100 tattoos per bottle
  • Can be applied with a stone and pad or brush/sponge, the perfect paint for all ages
  • Does not stain, good blendable
  • Made in The Netherlands
owner LaDot cosmetics
Rita Panarelli

Hello I am Rita Panarelli, owner of the brand LaDot cosmtics.

I am constantly reviewing the quality of our products and adding new designs to the collection.

Products that have been recently added are the neon inks and liners that glow in blacklight.

Our new skin polish, which works a bit like bodypaint are a ready to use alcohol-paint.

People make the most beautiful creations with our products.

I put temporary tattoos on myself regularly, still in love with this product!


18 Colors

skin-polish 18 colors

Skin Polish

Alcohol Based Body Paint is a, super-won’t-come-off body paint,

a very strong bond to your skin.

They won't scratch and stay on your skin for 2-5 day's.


5 colors

Skin-Polish can also be easily applied with a sponge or pensil.

Children love to use skin-polish with a sticker

Apply directly on the skin using brush inside the bottle.

Gold & Silver

skin-polish metalic gold silver

Easy to blend

Our body paint will mix well together it will work like a charm.

Remove the paint from the original bottle, and blend colors together in a cup or new bottle.


- Demo -

Tattoo demo

- Demo -

Tattoo demo